Dance Studio Awards & Achievements

2023 Festival And Competition Highlights 


North Island Festival of Performing Arts 2023

Yoanna Geogieva –  Level 1 Modern and Level 1 Stage. (Yoanna accepted her stage invitation)
Harmony was was selected as Level 2 Stage representative.
Eden was selected as an alternate for Level 2 Ballet.
🏆 Going Bad – Most Entertaining Street Dance Trophy
🏆 When You’re A Wimp – Most Entertaining Stage Trophy
🏆 Studio Spirit Award 











Mid Island Performing Arts Festival (MIPAF) 2023












View Dance Challenge – Whistler BC 2023

This was a fun new competition we participated in and what a weekend it was. Many great memories made with an incredible team!
Overall Awards:
🏆 2 Ballet “School Days” – Top Competitive Mini Large Group – 1st
🏆 2 Tap “ Shooo Fly Pie” -Top Competitive Mini Small Group – 4th
🏆 & Sophia “On My Team” – Top Competitive Junior Duet – 3rd
🏆 3 Ballet “ It Takes a Village” – Top Competitive Junior Large Group 5th
🏆, Dakota, Ella, Eden & Yoanna “Half Time” – Top Competitive Intermediate Small Group – 4th
🏆 5 Ballet “U Plavu Zoru” – Top Competitive Pre-Teen Large Group -5th

Synergy Dance Competition – Duncan BC 2023

TOP 10’s
Skyla Gorman – Highest Scoring Micro Solo
Anya Knezevich – 3rd Highest Scoring Micro Solo
Mackenzie Fisher – 10th Highest Scoring Micro Solo
Madyson Grant – Highest Scoring Mini Solo
Chloe Perez – 8th Highest Scoring Mini Solo
Sophia Bell – 9th Highest Scoring Mini Solo
Ella Harding – 4th Highest Scoring Junior Solo
Dakota Lange – 7th Highest Scoring Junior Solo
Adi Golden – 8th Highest Scoring Junior Solo
Eden Knezevich – 7th Highest Scoring Intermediate Solo
On My Team – Highest Scoring Micro/Mini Duo/Trio
Mr. Sandman – 3rd Highest Scoring Micro/Mini Duo Trio
Chim Chim Cher-ee – 5th Highest Scoring Micro/Mini Duo Trio
Days Like This – 10th -Highest Scoring Micro/Mini Duo Trio
Hypnotic – 2nd Highest Scoring Junior/Intermediate Duo/Trio
Time – 8th Highest Teen/Senior Duo/Trio
Work – 10th Highest Teen/Senior Duo/Trio
Half Time – Highest Scoring 12- Street Dance Group
Tick Tick Boom – 9th Highest Scoring 12- Street Dance Group
Going Bad – 7th Highest Scoring 13+ Street Dance Group
Flip Flop Fly – 4th Highest Scoring Tap Group 13+
Let the Tiger Out – 3rd Highest Scoring Tap Group 12-
Shoo Fly Pie – 4th Highest Scoring Tap Group 12-
Replicants – Highest Scoring Jazz Group 12-
Fabulous – 2nd Highest Scoring Jazz Group 12-
Time For Tea – 4th Highest Scoring Jazz Group 12-
Alibi – 2nd Highest Scoring Jazz Group 13+
Arrival – 4th Highest Scoring Ballet Group 12-
U Plavu Zoru – 4th Highest Scoring Ballet Group 13+
Serenade – 5th Highest Scoring Ballet Group 13+
Necessity – 9th Highest Scoring Ballet Group 13+
Falling Infinite – 6th Highest Scoring Contemporary
Dirty Night Clowns – 7th Highest Scoring Contemporary  
The Internet is Down – Highest Scoring Song & Dance
When You’re A Wimp – 2nd Highest Scoring Song & Dance
The final showdown was a blast with 6 of our groups invited and our team came away with a few lovely crystal trophy’s.
🏆Highest Scoring Song & Dance – Internet is Down
🏆Highest Scoring Jazz (12-) – Replicants
🏆Highest Scoring Hip Hop (12-) – Half Time
Timber – Highest Scoring Pre-Competitive Group of the Competition
Izabel Ferguson – Highest Scoring Pre-Competitive Solo 12-






Unfortunately we were unable able to attend due to conflicting dates with our year end shows.This is a wonderful recognition for all your hard work! Congratulations dancers!