2021/22 Dance Studio Prices & Costs

Registration Fees & Deposit

Registration fees are non-refundable, and costs vary depending on when payment is received, and how many children in your family are registering.

  Early Registration
Before June 15th, 2021
Regular Registration
After June 15th, 2021
One child $25 + $10 per extra class (up to 8 classes) $40 + $10 per extra clas (up to 7 classes)
Per family $40 + $10 per extra class per child (up to 8 classes) $60 + $10 per extra class (up to 7 classes)


You may register via email or register online here.


Monthly Fees

For the 9-month Fall though Spring session fees are paid monthly on the 1st or 15th of each month.

Class lengths vary. Most Little Feet (3-6) classes are 30-45 minutes and Youth/Teen classes are typically an hour or longer.

30 minute classes $45/class
45 minute classes $55/class
60 minute classes $65/class


2021/22 Discounts

We’re grateful to our students that enroll in multiple classes and we extend our gratitude with class discounts. Once a dancer hits the 8 hour mark the monthly price is capped. 🙂

GST of 5% is added to all class fees.

Multiple Hours Discount % Monthly Price + GST
2hrs 2% $127.40
2.5hrs 4% $156.00
3hrs 6% $183.30
3.5hrs 8% $209.30
4hrs 10% $234.00
4.5hrs 12% $257.40
5hrs 14% $279.50
5.5hrs 16% $300.30
6hrs 18% $319.80
6.5hrs 20% $338.00
7hrs 22% $354.90
7.5hrs 24% $370.50
8+ Hours (Price Cap) 26% $384.80

If you prepay in full for the 9-month Fall through Spring session by September 15th you will receive an additional 5% discount.


Costume Fees

Each class requires a costume. Costumes range from $75 to $125, with a $50/per costume deposit to be paid by October 15th. The remainder of your costume fees are due by January 30th for ITP class costumes, and by May 1st for G class costumes.


Other Fees

Year End Show Digital Download & Photography $40 per family/year
Musical Theatre & Voice Prop/Music Fee $15 per class/year
RAD & A.I.D.T Exam Fees vary significantly*
Festival & Competition Fees vary significantly*
NSF Fee $25
Late Fee (past 30 days)  subject to 10% surcharge

* RAD & A.I.D.T. fees will be determined separately once dancers are registered in examination classes.
** Festival & competition fees vary quite a bit depending on classes, how many solos, how large the classes, etc.


Payment Details

You may register via e-mail or register online.

We accept cash, cheque and credit cards in office, e-transfers to info@tripleheatdance.com and credit card online through our parent portal on the our website.