Dance Intensive Training Program (ITP) vs. General (G)

Little Feet (LF) & General Programming (G)

  • Classes run September 2021 – May 2022
  • Classes are open to all students 3+
  • Some classes are solely for technique, while others may involve performance in the annual recital and/or competition depending on the teacher’s discretion.
  • Dancers have less participation requirements. We only ask that children attend regularly and take part in our year end performance.
  • Fees include annual registration, monthly tuition, costume costs for performance classes and the video / photo fee for our year end show production.

Intensive Training Program (ITP)

  • Classes run September 2021 to May 2022
  • Dancers must be recommended for this program and maintain the minimum training requirements and technical standards to continue in the program each year.
  • Mini’s & Juniors(ages 7-11) required to take a minimum of two ballet classes per week.
  • Intermediate & Seniors(ages 12+) required to take a minimum of two ballet classes per week plus affiliated modern and jazz technique classes.
  • ALL ITP dancers must do the required summer dance training.
  • Most performance classes will participate in multiple festivals and competitions. This includes extra costs including travel expenses and may require additional weekend rehearsals.
  • Dancers in the ITP program will be expected to participate in exams.
  • Dancers are offered additional performance opportunities i.e. community events, photo shoots, workshops, field trips etc.
  • Greater financial and time commitments for parents.
  • Strict attendance policy for dancers.
  • Team jackets are mandatory for all ITP students.