Musical Theatre (4-13+)

These Song & Dance classes are designed for the Triple Threat. Bring your dance technique into a class designed to teach and enhance vocal and acting skills for future endeavors in the performing arts. All Little Feet, General and Intensive classes in this Musical Theatre Schedule will involve year-end performances.
*Participation in festival and competitions will be by teacher’s discretion.

CLASS CODE: (LF) Little Feet (G) General (ITP) Intensive Program)

Song and Dance
1 LF-MT Little Feet Musical Theatre 4 to 6 G Thursday  4:15-5:00pm Tamara Ryan Telford
2 JMT1 Jr. Musical Theatre 1 7 to 9 G Wednesday  5:30-6:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford
3 JMT2 Jr. Musical Theatre 2 8 to 9 ITP Monday  3:30 – 4:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford
4 JMT3 Jr. Musical Theatre 3 10  to 12 G Thursday  5:30-6:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford
5 IMT1 Inter. Musical Theatre 1 12 to 14 G Wednesday  4:30-5:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford
6 IMT2 Inter. Musical Theatre 2  11 to 13 ITP Monday  4:30-5:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford
7 SMT1 Sr. Musical Theatre 1 13+ ITP Monday  5:30-6:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford