Little Feet (3-6)

This unique program allows the younger dancer, between the ages of 3-6, the opportunity to participate and progress in various dance genres such as – Ballet, Jazz, and Musical Theatre.  Triple Heat teachers use their creativity to make learning a fun and inviting experience and better prepare you “Little Feet” for our “Bigger Feet” programs.

‘Little Feet’ Ballet – Children will experience dance through imagination in this playful class.  Working on balance, movement coordination, listening, confidence and posture your child will enjoy learning ballet in a gentle and happy environment.

Little Feet Ballet  (ages 3-6)

1 LF-B1 Little Feet Ballet 1 3 to 4 LF Tuesday 3:00-3:30pm Keni Michell
2 LF-B2 Little Feet Ballet 2 4 to 6 LF Wednesday 3:30-4:15pm Keni Michell
3 LF-PB Primary Ballet 5 to 6 LF Friday 3:30-4:15pm Bonnie McKerricher


‘Little Feet’ Jazz –  (ages 3-6)Designed to teach the foundations of jazz dance technique in a lively,

fun and energetic atmosphere.

1 LF-J1 Little Feet Jazz 1 3 to 4 LF Wednesday 3:00-3:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford
2 LF-J2 Little Feet Jazz 2 4 to 6 LF Thursday 3:30-4:15pm Tamara Ryan Telford



‘Little Feet’ Musical Theatre – Singing, Dancing & Acting – a taste of all three for your ‘little performer.’

1 LF-MT Little Feet Musical Theatre 4 to 6 G Thursday 4:15-5:00pm Tamara Ryan Telford



“Little Feet’ HIP HOP – Bounce, groove and get funky in the 8 week session.

Date: September 17th to November 12th, 2017 (we will continue on if the interest is there)

(No class on Monday October 8th)

LF-HH Little Feet Hip Hop 4 to 6 LF Monday 3:15-4:00pm  Abbie Milette