Change in Ownership

With the summer soon coming to an end, we welcome our new and returning families to the upcoming 2019/20 season. The first news we would like to share with you is the change to the ownership of Triple Heat Dance.

Note from Tamara Ryan Telford:

After teaching for over 23 years and being co-owner of Triple Heat Dance for seven years, I have decided to retire from the responsibilities of ownership. Teaching has always been my everlasting priority and love, and while no longer an owner, I look forward to continuing on as a teacher with Triple Heat Dance. This shift will allow me to have more time for my family, personal development and creativity. Although my position at THD has altered, my dedication and committment has not waivered. I am incredibly appreciative of the experiences I have had as a co-director and have solace in this decision. I am excited for the upcoming season and look forward to seeing your familiar faces. 
Thank you
Tamara Ryan Telford 

Note from the Directors: 
We are honoured that Tamara will remain an integral part of the Triple Heat Team. We look forward to our 8th Season and remain committed to providing excellent training in a positive and creative environment. Our passion for dance and working with children and youth continues to grow and we eagerly look forward to what is sure to be another amazing season! 
SincerelyLivea Gill Harding & Michelle Hillier (Henly)