CoreDance 2016 Competition Highlights & Awards

We had an incredible week at CoreDance in Nanaimo. Almost 1000 entries from dance studios across the Island came together for an exciting week of competition. Congratulations to all of our incredible Triple Heat ITP students and all their accomplishments. Here are some highlights from our fabulous week…


Day 1 Top Scoring Solos:

VICTIM – Amy Stewart

It’s My Life – Mikayla Volkers


Day 1 Top Scoring Groups:

Singing In the Rain – IT/BH

It Don’t Mean A Thing – SH/ST1

Technicians – JH3


Day 2 Top Scoring Solos:

Satenella – Grace Harvey


Day 3 Top Scoring Solos:

Nocturne – Cassidy Chalk

Arriving Angel – Shannon Caine


Day 4 Top Scoring Solos:

Revealed – Grace Harvey


Day 4 Top Scoring Groups:

Specter – SJ1


Day 5 Top Scoring Groups:

Fantasia in D Minor – AdvA

The Place We Meet – IFB

Holding on by a Thread – Lyr 6

The Buzz – Livea And Raylan

What’s for Lunch – Raine and Rebekah

Acacia – Sophia, Sydney and Savannah


Day 6 Top Scoring Groups:

Infused – Cassidy, Madison, Grace and Amy

Counting in C – JM


After all of the excitement of the daily top 10 ‘s we were honoured to have had 2 of our soloists and 2 of our ballet groups make it to the top of the entire competition.


#1 Highest Scoring Group of the Entire Competition – Fantasia in D Minor (Advance Ballet)

Highest Overall High Score Ballet Group – The Place We Meet (Intermediate Ballet)

Highest Overall High Score Ballet Solo – Nocturne – Cassidy Chalk

Highest Overall High Score Tap Solo – It’s My Life – Mikayla Volkers

Choreography Award – Michelle Henly

$500 Budget Brake & Muffler Scholarship – Shannon Caine

Special Awards – Amy Stewart and Grace Harvey