NIFPA 2013 Dance Competition Highlights & Awards

Congratulations to all of the Triple Heat Dancer’s and their wonderful performances at the North Island Festival of the Performing Arts.  Many of our groups were chosed to perform in the Variety Gala and Dance Gala and their beautiful dancing made us proud.
We would like to extend specific congratulations to the following dancers chosen to represent the North Island at the upcoming Provincial Festival in Chilliwak, BC.
Junior Ballet Representative – Cassidy Chalk
Intermediate Ballet Representative – Shana Wolfe
Modern Level II Representative – Shana Wolfe
Intermediate Stage Representative – Kennedy Ledingham
Senior Stage Representative – Meghan Caine
Junior Ballet Alternate – Tayler Whitehead
Junior Ballet Observer – Livia Eni                    
Modern Level II Alternate – Amy Stewart
Modern Level III Alternate – Tori Newsom
Junior Stage Observer – Shannon Caine                               
Intermediate Stage Alternate – Liam Galway
Senior Stage Observer – Courtney Chalk
Senior Stage Observer – Tiffany Tran
Awards for soloists and groups include:
Primary Jazz (9 and under) – Raylan Telford
Scholarships for Study – Liam Galway
                                         –  Amy Stewart
No Borders Competition Adjudicators Choice
–  Apres Moi – Senior Pointe Group
–  Forsaken – Senior Jazz Group
We are so proud of all our dancers who performed at the Festival and look forward to DanceWorks & Core Competition coming up in April & May.