Jazz & Lyrical (3-15+)


Jazz is a diverse, powerful and dynamic dance style. It improves overall coordination and flexibility in a fast paced, challenging and fun environment. Students will focus on isolations, stylization, jumping, turning, progressions and current choreography.

The General Training Program will include a year-end performance.

The Intensive Training Program will include festivals/competitions and year-end performances.


(LF) Little Feet (G) General (ITP) Intensive Program)

2018/2019 Jazz Schedule…

1 LF-J1 Little Feet Jazz 1 3 to 4 LF Wednesday  3:00-3:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford
2 LF-J2 Little Feet Jazz 2 4 to 6 LF Thursday  3:30-4:15pm Tamara Ryan Telford
3 JJ  Jr. Jazz  7 to 10  G Friday 3:30 – 4:30pm Chrissy Kennedy
4 JJ1 Jr. Jazz 1 6 to 7 ITP Wednesday  3:30 – 4:30pm Tamara Ryan Telford
5 JJ2 Jr. Jazz 2 8 to 9 ITP Thursday  3:30-4:45pm Livea Gill Harding
6 JJ3  Jr. Jazz 3  9 to 11 ITP Monday  3:30-4:30 pm Chrissy Kennedy
7 IJ1 Inter. Jazz 1 10 to 13 G Friday 6:30-7:30pm Chrissy Kennedy
8 IJ2 Inter. Jazz 2  11 to 12 ITP Monday  5:30-7:00pm Livea Gill Harding 
9 SJ2 Sr. Jazz 2 12 to 15 ITP Thursday  6:30-7:45pm Livea Gill Harding
10 SJ3 Advanced Jazz 3 13+ ITP Monday  4:00-5:30pm Livea Gill Harding 


This style of dance explores self-expression using a combination of jazz, ballet and modern technique. Danced to soft free flowing music, classes will focus on smooth moving techniques that emphasize the lyrics. These classes may involve festival, competition and year-end performance. *Please Note  – All dancers (G or ITP) must be enrolled in at least one ballet class per week to participate in any lyrical class.

CLASS CODE: (G) General (ITP) Intensive Program)

2018/2019 Lyrical Schedule…

1 LYR 1 Jr. Lyrical 1 8 to 9 ITP  Monday  4:30-5:30pm Chrissy Kennedy
2 LYR 3 Jr. Lyrical 3 9 to 11 ITP Friday 4:30-5:30pm Chrissy Kennedy
3 LYR 5 Inter. Lyrical 5 11 to 12 ITP Tuesday  4:30-5:30pm Livea Gill Harding
4 Lyr 6 Senior Lyrical 6 12 to 15 G/ITP Friday 5:30-6:30pm Chrissy Kennedy
5 Lyr 7 Advanced Lyrical 7 13+  ITP Monday  7:00-8:15pm Livea Gill Harding