Modern / Contemporary Schedule



(General & Intensive Program) Modern & Contemporary dance is a structured discipline focusing on principles of tension and relaxation, fall and recovery, suspension, contraction and release. Dancers will explore a wide range of movement through improvisation and choreography, increase their flexibility and acquire keen body awareness.

Contemporary /Open Modern

*ITP classes will include festivals, competitions and year-end performances. G classes will include year-end performances.

JM (ITP) Jr. Modern/Contemp 10-12 1hr Jessie Friday 4:30-5:30
IM1 (ITP) Int.  Modern/Contemp 12-14 1hr Chrissy Friday 5:45-6:45
IM2 (ITP) Int./Adv  Modern/Contemp 12-14 1hr Livea Friday 5:45-6:45
SM1 (G) Senior Modern/Contemp 14+ 1hr Carter Thursday 6:45 – 7:45
SM2 (ITP) Senior Modern/Contemp 14+ 1hr Chrissy Friday 5:30 – 6:30

Modern Tech

We are thrilled to offer Modern Technique classes this year! These classes will focus on traditional modern techniques and floor work. We are asking that all students attending the ITP contemporary/open modern classes enroll in the Modern Tech classes for further exploration of technique. These classes do not include performance.

JM TECH Jr. Modern Technique 9-12 1hr Carter Friday 6:45-7:45
I/SM TECH Intermediate /Senior Technique 12+ 1hr Carter Wednesday 4:30-5:30