COVID Update

Dear Triple Heat Dance Families, 

We are happy to announce that the Provincial Government has lifted the suspension on dance! We are going to be returning to our regular 2020/21 schedule for the next two weeks  –  Monday, December 7th to Friday, December 19th. We will then close for the holidays. Please see attached our THD COVID safety plan – we encourage you to read it throughly before returning to dance next week. 

Please note that accounts will be updated to reflect this return to dance and we will adjust your monthly tuition rate to 50% of your usual fees to reflect the shorter month. 

For those families who signed up for Zoom you will be only charged for one week of zoom classes. The remaining two weeks of Zoom class tuition you paid will be credited to your account and applied to the 50% of December fees. 

All accounts will be updated by December 15th and balance of fees will be run on this date. 

We are thrilled with this decision and cannot wait to get back into the studio with our dancers. We have some great activities planned for December and will share more with you in our newsletter coming out this weekend. We know that there has been a lot of yo-yoing and we thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Please do not hesitate to email should you have any questions.

Livea & Michelle



STUDIO SAFETY PLAN – Fall/Winter 2020 

Updated: November 24th, 2020

As a dance studio we are highly committed to the health and safety of our dancers and faculty. With that in mind we would like to share with you the procedures we have put in place in order to ensure we have a clean and safe place for our students and faculty to train in.


Physical Distancing

  1. Breaks scheduled between lessons and staggered class start & end times implemented to ensure there is limited contact between student classes / dance bubbles.
  2. Dancers instructed to arrive only 5 min prior to class start time dressed and ready for class
  3. If your dancer only has one lesson on the day please do not use the changerooms.
  4. Arrive dressed and go directly to your classroom. Please leave the studio/ building directly after your class.
  5. If a dancer has multiple classes please store belongings and have breaks in the allocated areas in order to ensure physical distancing is maintained between cohorts: (Little feet & mini dancers & parents – Lobby area, Junior & intermediate dancers – changeroom, Senior dancers – upstairs staff lounge area)
  6. For children ages 6+ we ask that no parents/caregivers/family enter the studio – please wait in vehicles or outside in order to limit bodies in studio space.
  7. Little feet children (ages 3-5) can be escorted to class, however please do not stay in the building, rather wait outside or in your vehicles and return to collect them at the end of class.
  8. If a parent needs to talk to someone in the office please schedule a phone appointment.
  9. Regular reminders to the students regarding giving each other the required physical distancing space in the waiting areas and when entering and exiting the
  10. Studio’s will have barre space and floor space clearly marked for physical

Sanitization & Cleaning Protocols

    1. Dancers and staff must hand sanitize upon coming into the studio. We have a dispenser by the front door.
    2. Dancers and staff will be instructed to sanitize their hands before and after each class. We have dispensers located in each classroom.
    3. Ballet barres will be disinfected between each class.
    4. Door knobs, equipment and bathroom high touch areas will be disinfected between each class. Checklists are in place to ensure staff follow these guidelines.
    5. Daily cleaning of high traffic areas.
    6. Each dancer must bring their own water bottle clearly marked with their names (water fountains off limits however we will have bottled water available).
    7. Signage around studio reminding staff and students of cleaning, sanitizing and distancing protocols.


  1. Masks are required in our lobby and common areas by staff, students and visitors.
  2. Masks/Face Shields to be worn by visitors at all times in the studio.

Other Policies

    1. Stay home if you aren’t feeling
    2. Covid symptom survey required by staff prior to commencing daily work.
    3. Visitors are prohibited or limited in the building.
    4. Occupancy limits are posted in each studio
    5. New Heat Pump / air conditioning / filtration system was installed in October in order to ensure proper air flow standards were being maintained.



We thank you for your support in helping us abide by these new guidlines.