Ballet Classes for Kids 3-18 & Adult

Triple Heat offers ballet classes for children ages 3 to 18. We offer performance, technique and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exam classes striving to meet the needs of all students. Please speak to Michelle Henly to confirm the technique and/or performance classes that best suit your child’s dancing needs.

Open/Performance Ballet (General & Intensive Program) ages 6+.
Dancers grow and move through the levels gaining a strong technical foundation, allowing students to become accomplished both in ballet and other dance genres, and to develop a love for dance in an enjoyable and nurturing environment. Levels correspond with the RAD program and we encouraged dancers to take both open and exam ballet. Classes with (Tech.) means it is tech only with no performance involved.

RAD Examinations Program

Graded Levels (General & Intensive Program) – Primary to Grade 6 – Students may take any grade without having  completed a previous examination provided they meet the minimum age and level requirement. To participate in examinations students must take both open and exam ballet. Please keep in mind that examinations may not take place every year.

Vocational Levels Inter-foundation to Advanced 1 – Students must meet the minimum age and level requirements for these levels. Placement will be determined by the Ballet Director. To take vocational exams students must participate in all three required classes. Vocational exams must be taken in consecutive order and can be used towards high school and university entrance credits and help to prepare students for a career in dance.

Pointe (Intensive Program) – By Invitation only! Offered to students in the Intensive Training Program granted they meet the minimum age and level requirements as determined by the Ballet Director.



(LF) Little Feet (G) General Program (ITP) Intensive Program or Invite Only