Kids Dance Conditioning & Acro Dance (7-11+)

Acrobatics for Dancers

Students will gain skills in over all flexibility, strength training, hand stands, chest stands front and back walk overs and more!  Email the office for more information. 

1ACRO1Acrobatics for Dancers5 to 7Monday4:30-5:30pmTéa and Kyra Carlson
2ACRO2Acrobatics for Dancers8 to 11Monday5:45-7:00pmTéa and Kyra Carlson
3ACRO3Acrobatics for Dancers12+Monday7:00-8:15pmTéa and Kyra Carlson

Conditioning w/ Tamara

45 minutes of high intensity training to target muscles and build cardiovascular endurance. The class will end with a relaxing stretch. We invite our Intermediate, senior and adult dancers to join Tamara for some sweating and laughing. Running shoes are recommended.

Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm