This page is dedicated to posting the achievements of Triple Heat Dance Performers in Community Events, Festivals & Competitions throughout the year…

2017/2018 Season

November 2017

Recipents of the “Best Corporate Entry” for our parade submission in the annual Comox Valley Christmas Parade.


2016/2017 Season


October 2016

THANK YOU COMOX VALLEY for voting us BEST DANCE SCHOOL – 2 years in a row! We are so honoured to have the love and support of our community <3


November 2016

Recipents of the “3 Mayors Choice Award” for our parade submission in the annual Comox Valley Christmas Parade.


February 2017

Victoria DanceWorks Competition

Sara Stephens – Awarded Junior Ballet Rep

Livea Timms – Awarded Junior Stage Rep

Madison Lagan – Awarded Senior Stage/Tap Rep


March 2017


We are so thrilled to have had many of our incredible kids selected for provincials this year!
Junior Ballet Rep – Livea Timms ( But has chosen to go for Stage on Behalf of Victoria Danceworks)
Intermediate Ballet Rep – Analie Oldale
Stage Dance (Level II) Rep – Kaitlyn Welsh
Stage Dance (Level III) Rep – Abigail Milette

Modern Dance (Level II) Rep – Analie Oldale (Has chosen to go for Ballet)
2nd Alternate – Ballet (Level I) Madison Kunz
Alternate – Ballet (Level II) – Kaitlyn Welsh
Alternate – Stage (Level I) – Kaitlyn Dooling
Observers – Modern – Shannon Caine
Observers – Stage – Mary Grant

We also had several of our peices picked for the Festival Variety Show and Dance Gala’s!


April 2017

Synergy Dance Competition in Nanaimo

We saw our students recieve top marks at the competition recieving high golds, platinums and diamond placements.

Some highlights and over all awards…

  • Runaway, Pas De Quatre, Bok Bok BoKaw and Trouble were all invited to the showdown at the end of the competiton.
  • Livea Gill Harding – choreographer of the week award
  • Bok Bok BoKaw awarded Ballet Routine of the Year
  • Oogie Woogie Boogie 9th highest scoring junior duo/trio
  • Waves 2nd highest scoring junior duo/trio
  • Runaway awarded high scoring level 2 group of the weekend
  • Finley Gorman recieved 5th highest mini solo
  • Shannon Caine 9th highest scoring senior solo
  • Runaway, Pas De Quatre and Bok Bok BoKaw are invited to Synergy provincial on June 6th In Chilliwack


COREDANCE Competition in Namaimo

Another fantastic run at CoreDance for our Triple Heat Dancers. We had solists and groups in many of the daily tops 10’s. With almost 900 entries in the competion we had our very own Sara Stephens win hightest scoring Ballet Solo of the entire competition and our Lyrical 4 group “Runaway” receive highest scoring Lyrical group of the entire competion. Also a big congratulations to Analie Oldale and Shannon Caine for recieveing special awards.


2015/2016 Season



After 10 days of dance, 40 plus sessions, 5 disciplines, and lots and lots fun we have some exciting news to share. We are so honored to have had 17 pieces chosen by the adjudicators to perform in the upcoming NIFPA Variety Night and Dance Gala Showcases.

VARIETY SHOW – Friday March 4th 7pm:

Holding On By A Thread (Lyr6)

Singing In the Rain (IT/BH)

Heroes (LF-J3)

The Place We Meet (IFb)

Waltz of the Dolls (Gr.2b)

Technicians (JH3)

Man! (IV/PT)

DANCE GALA – Saturday March 5th 7pm:

Tell Me (SJ2)

I Was Here (Lyr3)

Specter (SJ1)

Sine-qua-non (Gr.4b)

Infused (pointe quad)

Fantasia In D Minor (Adv)

Illusions of Time (SM)

The Rhythm (IM)

Hello (SV/PT)

Warts and All (JMT2)

Wow, not only do we had pieces from our 5/6-year-old jazz class all the way up to our advanced dancers, we have almost all our faculty represented and every genre we offer! Our minds were blown!

We are also very excited to have had so many dancers chosen as Provincial Representatives.

Ballet Level 1 Rep: Sara Stephens

Ballet Level 1 Provincial Observer: Analie Oldale

Ballet Level 2 Rep: Cassidy Chalk

Ballet Level 3 Rep: Grace Harvey

Modern Level 2 Rep: Shannon Caine (Vic DanceWorks Festival)

Modern Level 3 Rep: Amy Stewart

Stage Level 1 Rep: Kaitlyn Welsh

Stage Level 1 Provincial Observer: Livea Timms

Stage Level 2 Rep: Madison Lagan

Musical Theatre Jr. Rep: Kailyn Nottebrock

Musical Theatre Int. Rep: Monique Collins (Through Carrie Lemke)

Shout out to Nicholas Tarrant for being chosen for Jr. Speech Arts Rep!!


Promising Young Modern Dancer: Raylan Telford

Primary Musical Theatre Award: Nicholas Strilets

Most Entertaining Stage Piece: Specter (SJ1)

Most Entertaining Ballet Piece: Infused (Pointe Quad)

Young Choreography: Madison Lagan


Helix Summer Intensive: Madison Kunz

CRX Summer Intensive: Shannon Caine

Harbour Dance Summer Intensive Cassidy Chalk

Be Discovered: Analie Oldale

Be Discovered: Cassidy Chalk

Be Discovered Duet: Amy Stewart and Grace Harvey

No Borders – Stage: Tell Me (SJ2)

No Borders – Ballet/Modern: Fantasia in D Minor (Adv)

We were completely blown away by all our dancers commitment and hard work…it sure paid off!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our amazing THD families, dancers and faculty you truly are AMAZING!!!!




Thunderstruck Dance Competition 2016!

We had a blast attending this competition in Victoria, we saw our dancers exceed our expectations earning tops scores with 1-Gold, 6-High Golds, 11-Lightning Gold’s and 15-Platinum Thunders! With many of our students earning tops spots in the overalls, Livea Gill Harding earning the Stellar Choreography Award and to top it all of we received the TOP STUDIO AWARD!!! What a weekend it was!!!




CoreDance 2016!

We had an incredible week at CoreDance in Nanaimo. Almost 1000 entries from dance studios across the Island came together for an exciting week of competition. Congratulations to all of our incredible Triple Heat ITP students and all their accomplishments. Here are some highlights from our fabulous week…

Day 1 Top Scoring Solos:

VICTIM – Amy Stewart

It’s My Life – Mikayla Volkers

Day 1 Top Scoring Groups:

Singing In the Rain – IT/BH

It Don’t Mean A Thing – SH/ST1

Technicians – JH3

Day 2 Top Scoring Solos:

Satenella – Grace Harvey

Day 3 Top Scoring Solos:

Nocturne – Cassidy Chalk

Arriving Angel – Shannon Caine

Day 4 Top Scoring Solos:

Revealed – Grace Harvey

Day 4 Top Scoring Groups:

Specter – SJ1

Day 5 Top Scoring Groups:

Fantasia in D Minor – AdvA

The Place We Meet – IFB

Holding on by a Thread – Lyr 6

The Buzz – Livea And Raylan

What’s for Lunch – Raine and Rebekah

Acacia – Sophia, Sydney and Savannah

Day 6 Top Scoring Groups:

Infused – Cassidy, Madison, Grace and Amy

Counting in C – JM

After all of the excitement of the daily top 10 ‘s we were honoured to have had 2 of our soloists and 2 of our ballet groups make it to the top of the entire competition.


#1 Highest Scoring Group of the Entire Competition – Fantasia in D Minor (Advance Ballet)

Highest Overall High Score Ballet Group – The Place We Meet (Intermediate Ballet)

Highest Overall High Score Ballet Solo – Nocturne – Cassidy Chalk

Highest Overall High Score Tap Solo – It’s My Life – Mikayla Volkers

Choreography Award – Michelle Henly

$500 Budget Brake & Muffler Scholarship – Shannon Caine

Special Awards – Amy Stewart and Grace Harvey



Peak Dance Nanaimo 2016!

Our competition season has come to a close! We have had such busy, exciting and at exhausting few months but man do we love what we do. Here are a few highlights from Peak Invitational in Nanaimo this past week…

We had some wonderful recognitions in the level 3, 4 & 5 overalls. “Wonderland” 2nd highest scoring Level 3 duo/trio, Madison and Brianne “unbroken” were 2nd highest overall scoring duo in Level 4. Cassidy Chalk “Unclean” was 4 highest scoring level 5 solo/duo/trio and Amy & Grace “unfold” received a 1st in that category and were invited back to the Peak Challenge. Lyr6 Holding on By A Thread was 4th highest scoring level 5 group, and SJ2 “Tell Me” was 2nd Highest! What a great way to wrap up the competition season!!


Congratulations to all of these dancers on their achievements and  for their hard work and dedication throughout the year!